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The Korean Society
of Sports Medicine

Welcome Message
The Korean Society of Sports Medicine has been developed a lot over the course of its 42-year history, establishing itself as the only orthodox society related to sports medicine in Korea. In addition, it has become a model of a multidisciplinary academic society in which various field experts participate.

Members of our society have been involving lots of global and domestic sports events as team doctors, trainers, physical therapists, nurses and nutritionists, etc. They are also active members of many sports organizations and anti-doping organizations. In addition, they are contributing to exercise promotion and injuries management in their respective clinics and laboratories.

The Korean Society of Sports Medicine, which was reborn as an incooperated association in 2021, will actively contribute to improving national health as well as academic promotion through exchanges with world-class scholars and domestic experts.

In Korea, an aged society, physical activity is essential for person’s health. Getting people into the habit of actively participating in sports from their earlier age can help them enjoy a high quality of life later in life. The mission of our society is to encourage and lead the majority of people to enjoy physical activity.

We, the Korean Society of Sports Medicine, are open to the any kinds of advice and will devote ourselves for the health of people.

March 29th, 2023
The 23rd president of the Korean Society of Sports Medicine.
Yun Jun Yang M.D., Ph.D.