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The Korean Society
of Sports Medicine

Welcome Message
For the professional advancement of sports medicine, the Korean Society of Sports Medicine was launched in 1981 and provides academic exchanges and professional education in the medical and sports profession through regular academic conferences and workshops.

During the 1988 Summer Olympics, the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, the 2011 Daegu World Athletics Championships, and the 2018 Winter Olympics, we have held an academic symposium for academic exchanges with sports medicine researchers in the world.

In modern times, sports medicine is drawing keen attention due to the spread of daily sports, increased interest in professional sports, and the growth of the sports industry. We will do our best with my fellow members so that Korean sports medicine continues to develop, increasing the national competitiveness of sports, and that all citizens can enjoy sports more healthily and joyfully.

In order to achieve our goal, we will try to become the Korean Society of Sports Medicine that stands tall in the world through academic improvement by developing video content to prevent sports damage, sports medicine textbooks, and sports damage prevention guidelines.

March 29th, 2021
Sincerely yours,
The 22nd president of the Korean Society of Sports Medicine.
J.Y. Park