Since the foundation of ¡®The Korean Society of Sports Medicine¡¯, it has continued to grow qualitatively as well as quantitatively with close to 2,000 members throughout its 25 year history.

I recognize that academic development and the increase in number of members who work in the sports medicine field and affiliated medical staff contributed to heighten the significance and awareness of sports medicine, but also contributed to accomplish the image of Korea as a powerful sports country.

Nowadays, sports activities have been recognized as the future industry which enhances national prestige and a higher value-added business and the health industry which promotes national health and the quality of life of people.

Increase number of leisure sports population and strenuous exercises has soared up sports-related injuries; thus the role of sports medical scientists has been emphasized. Also, increased populations of senior citizens and chronic degenerative diseases have emphasized the necessity of exercise in the aspect of quality of life.

Therefore, the Korean Society of Sports Medicine would like to revitalize each subcommittee, computerize the submission of journal, make the society¡¯s activities transparent, and increase the domain of the members to pursue active involvement. I cordially ask for your active participation and kind encouragement. Thank you.